Sunday, 29 April 2012

Broody Chook!

One of our girls (Treacle) turned broody a few months back, something completely new for me to deal with.  The 'word on the street' is that you have to take them away from their comfortable environment, put them in a wire cage with food & water and I'm told, they have to stay there for 10 days eeeek.  I tried it for 24hrs and I know that didn't work, but 10 days, come on, that's hard jail time in bird terms isn't it?  Treacle's been kicking the others off the nest and hogging both boxes and they only like to lay in one side.  We had no eggs for 4 days and then I found a huge clutch of them over by the fence near the the chook house, good job it'd been cool for the time period.  We started again, kept her in a safe shaded place with food and water and after 5 days I decided to let her back into the chook house area.  She stayed off the nest and she's back to normal.  I told the lady at our local farm supply that I'd followed her advice, but had put her back after 5days and she said I was really lucky, she'd never had one work so quickly and that 10 days is usually the minimum eeeek!  Normal egg laying has resumed and nobody has has gone broody, let's hope it stays that way!

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