Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Chook's Have Landed!

What a busy, exciting and slightly sad morning we've had!  After a LONG wait, the day arrived for us to collect our chooks from the livestock yards in town.  Having already been into town once to drop of Summer to pre-school, made a mad dash to collect the post and then straight home to put Tommy to bed for a sleep before heading back out again at 10.15.  We picked up Dan en-route to the yards armed with 3 cat baskets for 6 chooks, clearly I was being rather over ambitious about the size they would be as they all fitted into one with room for more!  Although we were early, the queue was already quite long for collections, all the chooks were on the truck all rammed into cages :-( which reminded me somewhat of the battery farm chooks.  We collected our 6 chooks, hit the supplies store for feed, dropped Dan back at work and headed home.  I got the chooks installed into their new home and they all took some coaxing to come out of the basket, clearly they're just used to small enclosed spaces.  I was devastated to discover one of the chooks (an Isa Brown with black flecks), had a gammy leg.  I had a good feel and it wasn't broken, just badly deformed, poor love.  I rang the place that had organised the chooks and headed back down to the yards, the chook man had already gone, so went to Elders as instructed.  They rang the chappie for me and he's going to sort out another one next time he's down our way.  Not a problem, but the dilemma now is what to do with the poor chook.  One of the girls said she'd take her home, but I don't know what's going to happen.  As the chook grows, she'll obviously get heavier and heavier and will be less able to walk, which was proving difficult for her now at only a few months old.  They asked me what I wanted to do ... now there's no way I'm dispatching a chook, I just can't do it, but it's the kindest thing to do.  So I left her there with them to decide what was the best thing to do and left with tears in my eyes :-(

Here are the girls, 3 Isa Browns & 2 Black Australorps; Betty, Henrietta,  Mildred, Mabel & Doris.

I've still got to sort out getting some more parts welded to make my old craft stand more stable before we cover it in netting and attach it to the chook house, then we'll replace the busted wood from the first chook house they sent us and have that on the opposite end IYSWIM, then they'll have a massive area for when they're not out roaming.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Woohoo, a new tap!

Yes, very sad I know to be getting soooo excited over a new tap, BUT, we have been without a kitchen tap for a week and running backwards and forwards to the laundry has been very irritating and the fact that I kept turning the tap on and off in the kitchen was so annoying.  Now that the new fangled tap's in place, I keep finding myself going to the laundry to fill up the kettle etc.  So here it is, this time I think the tap will last for longer, the other shower stylee tap we had was a pull-out one and the pipe just split from all the pulling in and out.  Not bad for $99 from ebay brand new me thinks!