Friday, 24 June 2011

Latest Creation

I managed to have a brief dabble the other day (weeks ago) and I made a bezel using my CaBezel jewellery moulds and a couple of days ago I actually got around to turning the bezel into 'something' at long last! I used black premo sculpey for the bezel (really, really old stuff I was about to bin as I'm sure it's 10+ years old, but managed with a lot of effort, vaseline and a pasta machine (ouch!), I managed to get it into a condition so it could be used instead of binned, yay! Apparently baby oil will do the same thing, but I didn't have any at the time. For the insert to the bezel (the pretty bit), I used silver Friendly Plastic, several different green alcohol inks and and orangey one, dabbed away until I was satisfied with the colours and then added some burnt orange FP bitz and popped them into the bezel and nuked it with my heat gun (an oven or skillet will also do). Once it had done it's melding thing, I waited for it to cool down, then used the UV resin (Lisa Pavelka's Magic Glos) over the top and nuked under my UV Nail Lamp for 12 mins. Ding and it was done! I'm very happy with the results and made up a rubber cord for it to hang on and I wore it to the hairdressers Thursday morning and already have an order for another one to be created, how fab is that?! If anyone's interested in UV Lamps btw, I have 2 new one's to sell that WILL cure the UV Resin and the new Shellac nailpolish that's hit the market :-)

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Amaco said...

Thanks for using AMACO's Friendly Plastic! I am going to post on our Facebook page and link to your blog.