Monday, 22 March 2010

It's been a while .....

How slack have I been?!!! I meant to post when we got back from our LA/Florida/UK trip and just didn't get round to it. We had a great time, 10 flights and a 2 1/2 year old in tow, it was entertaining to say the least. One bit of advice that my friend forgot to give us was to pay to use the business class lounge, smaller space to run around after a stir crazy child! Hot tips for travelling with a small person; if they're in nappies still, use pull-ups, lots of lollipops for take off and landing to help with the equalizing, a portable dvd player for internal flights as they don't have in flight entertainment and the kids packs are for 5+ and pay to use the business class lounge when hanging around for flights.

We have two new additons to our menagerie, Charlie & Lola. I popped into the vets to pickup wormers and flea treatments and came home with two gorgeous 5/6wk old kittens that had been dumped behind Landcare (rural supplies) in town, good job I fell in love with them and said I'd take them as the lady at the vets told me afterwards, they were about to put them down :-( So now we have 5 cats eeeeek - Billy - 16 (now officially classed as 'geriatric'), Pickles - 4 1/2, Tina - 3 and Charlie & Lola who are coming up for 5 months old, oh and just one horse now, Ellie who is 24/25, aka 'The Paddock Basher'. Here's a pic of Charlie & Lola Christmas Eve, I'll get some more up-to-date pix done soon (well DH will!).

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