Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bling Bling!

I’ve been working on something a bit different, a beading project as I wanted to make a present for a very dear friend of mine. It started off as a beaded bling bling bra strap set, but has now become a full matching set - necklace, earrings, bracelet & watch. The bra straps have proved quite perplexing, as they needed to have a bit of give in them but not be so stretchy that you ended up with gaps between the beads when worn. I've tried so many different things and have ended up with 0.8mm stretch magic, as that’s the thickest I can use with cultured pearls, but I have had to pull the stretch magic through each bead using a needle threading tool doodah, what a pain that’s been! I've also decided to start making them as bridal/special occasion jewellery and I've got a silver version, gold version and a red and gold version.

1 comment:

Mylene said...

Gorgeous! I love the bra strap idea. Bling! Bling!
The bridal set is just lovely.... any bride would love to have this set as part of her trousseau.