Friday, 6 March 2009

Friendly Plastic Beads .... my first attempt!

Well, here's my first decent attempt at making some FP beads, I've even managed to coat them in envirotex! I messed up a bit by not cleaning drips from around the cocktail sticks that they were resting on, but managed to cut off the excess that had attached the cocktail sticks (oopsey!), so just a little bit of touch up was required. Not bad for the first batch, I just need to decide how I want them to be on a necklace and see what I've got in my stash that'll do the beads justice. The colours I used were gold/black, chocolate/black, red/red.


DebbiexxMade with Lovex x said...

i love these beads.ive never had a go with friendly plastic though i do have a melting pot.must have a go they look fab

Kathy said...

Hi Sara - how come I didn't realise you were blogging?

Anyway, found you while trawling through my stats so will add your link to my faves now!

These beads are amazing - so beautiful. It's ages since I got the FP out and I've neve managed to make anything as fab as the stuff you make with it. I alwsys enjoy playing with FP though when I do get it out - well, apart from when I burn my fingers on it....

hope you're all well xxxx