Friday, 20 March 2009

Arm op

Hi All, nothing crafty to report as I had my arm op on Tuesday, op should have been at 2pm, but I didn't get knocked out til just after 5pm and I was in surgery for longer than anticipated ... must have been all that granny's knitting of wirework holding my elbow together that did it I reckon! Anyway, I didn't want to stay as Dan and Summer had been hanging around all day and that would mean another journey back to Canberra and home again the following day, so I insisted I went home and we got home just after 22.30, fortunately the roo's stayed away from the road as they're a nightmare in the dark. I've pulled off my bandages as they were too tight and now the swelling's gone down, so I just have a long plaster with some hexagon shaped squishy stuff over it. Stitches are due out 27th, but I'm still waiting for an appt from the fracture clinic back in Canberra for that one, which means another day sat around waiting to see an ortho just to get signed off, last time we waitied 3hrs past our appt time, it's just mad and frustrating when you have a little one in tow! I'm not sure if I need any more x-rays, we'll see, but I have all 30 odd of my x-rays at home with me, so I'll be mostly taking pix of them before I have to hand them all back over! I'll post some pix when I get a mo :-)

Friday, 6 March 2009

Friendly Plastic Beads .... my first attempt!

Well, here's my first decent attempt at making some FP beads, I've even managed to coat them in envirotex! I messed up a bit by not cleaning drips from around the cocktail sticks that they were resting on, but managed to cut off the excess that had attached the cocktail sticks (oopsey!), so just a little bit of touch up was required. Not bad for the first batch, I just need to decide how I want them to be on a necklace and see what I've got in my stash that'll do the beads justice. The colours I used were gold/black, chocolate/black, red/red.