Friday, 30 January 2009

Things 'n' Stuff

I thought I'd post some pix of some previous FP things I'd made. The flowers were made a few years back now, but I still love them, they make great pendants or Christmas tree decorations.


H said...

Woe they are lovely :)
I keep meaning to have a play with this stuff and never get round to it. I will buy some at the Harrogate show in march and have a play.
Q, would you put a hole for a pendant in the top before or after it's heated up ?
Thanks H

Sara said...

Hi H & thank you :-) Punch the hole after the FP has cooled, not before as otherwise the hole will seal up when heating. Fiskars do a very small circle punch (I can't remember the size I have) so you can use that or a needle tool, but be careful not to make the hole too close to the top with the needle tool as the plastic will warp/stretch. HTH, Sara.