Sunday, 28 December 2008

More moulds!

My new Krafty Lady moulds arrived Christmas Eve yippee! I haven't felt like playing with them until today. I used a lot of scrap bits of FP for the mask and Rub & Buff, alcohol inks on the pendant (yet to be finished) and scraps to fill it up and I dug out my pot of FP pellets and had a play with my donut mould - inspired by Liz Welch's piece on Krafty Lady's website. I really must get finishing the other pendants I made months ago and coat them in resin, I'll post pix of them when I've done so!


Calv said...

oh wow Sara love your makes in friendly plastic !

nice to see you are bloggin gal !

hope you had a fab chrimbo !
love maddy xxx

Liz said...

Hi Sara,

I had not cottoned on to the fact that you are blogging. Love your FP pieces. Not just these, but the heart set for the AMACO challenge and the African Tribal shields too. The Kraftylady moulds are wonderful. Keep posting to the blog and to the FP list as well.