Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Kraftylady Art Moulds & Friendly Plastic

I've just ordered some more moulds, which may be here before Christmas. However, it's prompted me to pull my finger out and dig out my stash of moulds, now that I've found them all that is! So they're now all boxed together and I thought I'd have a play with my FP. I only managed to burn myself once and here are my results - going from top left to right; I've used silver/black for the mask, black/black for the shield, highlighted with Rubb & Buff in copper, silver/black for the feather, black/black with Rub & Buff gold leaf, I've used alcohol inks on the first heart (green) on gold/back, purple/black for the 2nd heart and a mix of red alcohol inks on the 3rd heart on gold/black and for the last moulded item I've used brown/back highlighted with gold leaf Rub & Buff (not that you can really see the highlights in my image - be great if my light box would turn up then I could take some decent images!). I heated all of these items up on my non-stick teflon craft sheet, which is great. If anyone's interested in buying the sheets, let me know as I've obtained a 54ft roll of the stuff!


Jackie said...

Hi Sara, they are lovely. I think I might have to buy some FP in the new year as I've never tried it.

Sara said...

You've definitely got to have a go, it's a fantastic medium to work with. If you need any tips/help, just give me a shout!