Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Drat, I've got the dreaded lurgi! Poor Summer was sick Saturday night, still off her food, but ok, but I seem to have full on gastro-enteritis, so I feel really PANTS! I'm hoping it'll be gone in time for Christmas day, otherwise we'll be at home doing buggerall (fingers crossed Dan doesn't get it either). Not much crafting happening here, but lots of films watched as I really don't feel like doing anything, so we watched Tropic Thunder (absolutely brilliant), the new bond film (good), oh and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, absolutely hilarious and so good I bought a copy from eBay and it turned up today, so a superfast turnaround, especially this time of year! Watch out for the nudie rudie bits, not one for the kiddies! Have a fabby Christmas eveyone!


Sue said...

I love the Sarah M film Russell Brand is my hero

hugs to you all get well soon xxxxxx


Sarah said...

Oh Sara! I know how you feel - I have just got over gastroenteritis and now I have the flu!!!!!! I too am hoping to feel better by xmas day!!! Fingers crossed for all of us. Get better soon xox