Sunday, 28 December 2008

More moulds!

My new Krafty Lady moulds arrived Christmas Eve yippee! I haven't felt like playing with them until today. I used a lot of scrap bits of FP for the mask and Rub & Buff, alcohol inks on the pendant (yet to be finished) and scraps to fill it up and I dug out my pot of FP pellets and had a play with my donut mould - inspired by Liz Welch's piece on Krafty Lady's website. I really must get finishing the other pendants I made months ago and coat them in resin, I'll post pix of them when I've done so!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Drat, I've got the dreaded lurgi! Poor Summer was sick Saturday night, still off her food, but ok, but I seem to have full on gastro-enteritis, so I feel really PANTS! I'm hoping it'll be gone in time for Christmas day, otherwise we'll be at home doing buggerall (fingers crossed Dan doesn't get it either). Not much crafting happening here, but lots of films watched as I really don't feel like doing anything, so we watched Tropic Thunder (absolutely brilliant), the new bond film (good), oh and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, absolutely hilarious and so good I bought a copy from eBay and it turned up today, so a superfast turnaround, especially this time of year! Watch out for the nudie rudie bits, not one for the kiddies! Have a fabby Christmas eveyone!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Kraftylady Art Moulds & Friendly Plastic

I've just ordered some more moulds, which may be here before Christmas. However, it's prompted me to pull my finger out and dig out my stash of moulds, now that I've found them all that is! So they're now all boxed together and I thought I'd have a play with my FP. I only managed to burn myself once and here are my results - going from top left to right; I've used silver/black for the mask, black/black for the shield, highlighted with Rubb & Buff in copper, silver/black for the feather, black/black with Rub & Buff gold leaf, I've used alcohol inks on the first heart (green) on gold/back, purple/black for the 2nd heart and a mix of red alcohol inks on the 3rd heart on gold/black and for the last moulded item I've used brown/back highlighted with gold leaf Rub & Buff (not that you can really see the highlights in my image - be great if my light box would turn up then I could take some decent images!). I heated all of these items up on my non-stick teflon craft sheet, which is great. If anyone's interested in buying the sheets, let me know as I've obtained a 54ft roll of the stuff!

Monday, 15 December 2008

FP More Pix

I've just finished weaving some ribbon to carry the pendant as I can't find my gold beadalon anywhere, not entirely happy with it, but I'm a bit rushed as I need to go to the post office asap.

Friendly Plastic Challenge

I've just completed my first piece (or pieces) for the AMACO Friendly Plastic CHA Challenge and on the last day that entries are accepted, oops! I decided to make a valentines jewellery set, which I've done using gold/black FP, for the centrepiece I've used several of the Adirondack Alcohol Inks on the FP to create a beautiful mottled effect (I guess that's what you'd call it). I ran out of time to coat it in resin, which gives much more depth to the pieces, but I'll make another set with the resin coating for myself I think.

My first blog!

Well, at long last, here's my very first blog! I really meant to start something when we moved over, but time just ran away from us and here I am, nearly 2 1/2 years later, blogging at last! For those of you who don't know, we moved from Rickmansworth, Herts in England to Cooma, NSW in Australia on 31st August '06 with our 3 moggies and one a bit container's worth of house stuff (well mostly crafty stuff). We stayed with friends for a couple of months until we found somewhere suitable to buy (there was nothing worth renting that I would let my cats live in let alone a newborn baby!). Luckily the process of purchasing property out here is a lot easier than in England, as a standard rule, you can put an offer in on a property and move in within 6 weeks, in our case we did it in 3 weeks, but that's the quickest time frame that you can do it in.

We got the keys on 30th Oct, moved in 31st Oct (first container load was delivered) and the moggies we picked up on the 4th Nov from Sydney quarantine (they spent 30 days there). 5 hrs to get there and 5 back and they did remarkably well as it's the longest journey by car they've ever done. A week or so of moving them in they started to explore the outside world, took a while as they'd got used to bars! Sadly Ed died 3 months later, he had a massive heart attack when his brother scared the living daylights out of him busting through the catflap one night, but it was quick and was better than the kidney failure that he had been coping with (the vet said after checking him out when he passed away that he wouldn't have had much longer anyway). A very sad day indeed :-(

We have since adopted another moggie from the RSPCA locally, so we have three furry friends and 2 horses, oh and our 20 month old daughter, Summer, who was born on 4th April 2007, I can't quite believe she'll be two years old in a matter of months!